having a twin

fullsizerender“Are you and your sister close?”
“Do you and your sister fight a lot?”
“Do your parents have a favorite twin?”
“Do you and your sister look alike?”

These question’s are just a feeewww that I get on a daily basis. Some people think its so out of the ordinary to have a twin; but I guess that’s because they aren’t one.

Although, there are a few things that are kind of out of the ordinary for twins…

  • “How many minutes apart were you born?” This one’s my favorite question to answer… “uhhh.. 5 and a half hours..”  yes- you read that right. HOURS. God bless my mom for that one.
  • Not only were we born several hours apart; but on different days too. Everyone loves hearing how that works. Yes; we both celebrate on our own birthdays, but we do celebrate together as well.fullsizerender
  • For the first two years of high school, we both attended different schools. My friends had no idea I was a twin.. some didn’t even believe me when I told them. Then, when it was time that I transferred to Christina’s school, I had her friends ask if i was reaaallllyyy her twin… yes.. thats me..lmao.
  • You will never hear someone say “Theresa and Christina”. nope- it’s always “Christina & Theresa”. Don’t know why- but the other way around just isn’t right.

Just like any other sibling relationship- Christina & I have our ups and downs. As we’re getting older, we have both matured. No more fighting over what tv show to watch, or yelling at each other because she’s wearing my shirt (even though it would usually be the other way around; oops!)


Growing up we have always had the same friends-              img_5312

until we parted our own ways come high school.

We knew each others friends, but we did nothing

more than say hello when they would be over our

house. Today, it’s safe to say we have the

same group of friends. Christina definitely

spends more time with them just because she has

class’s with most of them & I work every day, but

we definitely love them equalllllyyyy as much.

Having a twin means having a forever friend.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about a few fun facts of my sister & I. We argue, we bang heads, in fact, we hate each other a handful of times… but I couldn’t imagine having a different twin in my life.


img_5326                           img_9245


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