growing up sucks…


Growing up was always something I wanted to come faster and faster in my life. Now at 18 years old, sometimes I wish life would slow down. Growing up definitely has its perks (blog post about that coming soon!), but here’s why growing up sucks…

You start to see reality.

As a child, there’s a lot of things that are hidden from you. You don’t see the real world, nor do you really care what’s going on when you’re at that age. My coworker once told me “there’s some things that kids just shouldn’t know”, and that has stuck with me ever since. I’m 18, a legal adult, and there’s thing’s I really just don’t want to know, whether it’s because I don’t want to face reality, or it’s just too brutal to understand. Unfortunately, as you get older, you learn and are told things you have never thought about before, some things better than others. You start to see how cruel people can be, you  start seeing how other people live all around the world, & you start to see how we have it so much better than some other people can even begin to possibly imagine their lives to be.

You’re treated like an adult.

Welp, you’re not a kid anymore, nor will people continue to see you as a kid. From the minute you graduate high school, 95% of the people you are surrounded by will expect you to act like an adult. There’s other cases where you’re treated like a child, when you really don’t wanna be (ugh, so annoying!!!) but most of the time, you’ll be expected to act mature. No more getting by with things because you’re “young”. It’s time to step up- and act your age. No one will take you seriously, whether it be at school, or in the work force if you act like you don’t care, or you’re not taking things serious like you’re expected to be.

Maturity doesn't mean age; it means sensitivity, manners, and how you react.

You’re expected to balance your time.

Fortunately, I learned how to balance my time long before I was considered an adult. But now that you’re fresh out of high school-society make it so not only are you expected to go to school/college , but you’re also expected to have a part time job & contain that social life of yours. Obviously not everyones life is like this- it really just depends on your background and where you come from. There will be lots of time where you’re overwhelmed by all of this. Should you stay in and do that 5 page essay due next week, should you go out to dinner with your friends because its been a minute since you last seen them, or should you cover that girl’s shift at work that she texted you about this morning, because that extra $ on your next paycheck reeeaaalllly won’t hurt? Yes- it’ll get very overwhelming at times. There will be moments you sit there and think to yourself “what did i do to deserve this?” or “why does life have to be so stressful?” but trust me, it could be so much worse. And hey, no one signed up for this sh*t, it’s just a part of life. Here’s a lil tip; set yourself a schedule and make balancing your time like a routine. Monday nights are for school work- friday nights are for “girls night”.

You’ll grow away from your “forever friends”.

As you grow older, you grow out of old habits. You grow away from people you’ve grown up around. People change, there’s nothing wrong with that. It just happens to be how life works. Unfortunately, you’ll begin to grow away from the friends you thought would be by your side forever, simply because you’re at a time in your life where you’re figuring yourself out, and you both are going your own separate ways. I have definitely had my fair share of this topic., although others have not. I know older people that still have friends from their childhood neighborhood, or their high school (good for them!) My dad still talks to 2 of his childhood best friends everyday!  That’s not always the case though… Friends will come and go, but the memories you have had with them are memories that can’t be made again. Don’t take advantage of the friends you have, but take advantage of all the time you have to spend with them- because one day they’ll be no time with them left.



You start to have bills to pay.

This is something everyone tries to avoid for the longest time possible… but you can only avoid it for so long. Eventually you’ll be on your own, with a house to pay for, a car to pay for, electricity bills, water bills, air conditioning, phone payments, meals, insurance- allllll of that will be all yours to pay one day!!! Thats the best part about growing up :p

You’ll grow to be more independent.

Being independent isn’t always a bad thing- less drama, you can do what you want, etc. But some people have never been independent their whole lives, and now that the time has come, they have no clue how to manage. You’re at the point in your life where its time to take care of yourself, and do whatever makes you happy. Some people don’t know how to be happy and how to act without always having someone to fall back on.

Well now that I’m done rambling about why growing up sucks… I hope you all enjoyed!! Yes, we grow up day by day but it’s still okay to be a kid at heart- everyone always tells me not to grow up too fast!!





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