diy: photo clothesline

Photos… who doesn’t love them!? There’s nothing more welcoming and house warming than a bunch of pictures scattered around the house. It’s a great way to share memories with others, or even yourself.

Today I’ll be sharing with you how to do a cheap d.i.y. photo clothesline. I’ve had this up in my room for months now and it’s cute, quick & easy to recreate!

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my bedroom featuring the photo clothesline, back when I created it for the first time in September of 2016!

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my room now with updated pictures!



  • Rope
  • Fun-Tac
  • Clothespins
  • Thumbacks
  • & the most important… photos!





I found all of my supplies at my local Michaels craft store for pretty cheap, but you can easily find them at the Walmart or Target near you! I printed my pictures off of for 29 cents per copy, and picked them up within an hour later! Super convenient & cheap!


  1. You can go amongst this step however you would like. You can get the measurements down to be exact, or you can eye it just like I did. Cut the rope to be as long as you would like, leaving some extra rope to tie around the thumbtacks.
  2. Once you’re done cutting the rope, tie the end to a thumbtack, double or triple knotting it so you know its sturdy. Repeat this step for the other end of the rope. When you’re satisfied with the length of the rope and the knot, you can pin it into the wall, making sure the rope hangs a little rather than going into a straight line across. Repeat the last two steps for however many lines of photos you would like! I decided to go with three. Make sure to leave enough extra room between the ropes for the photos. img_1718
  3. Now it’s time to choose the pictures, and whether you want a pattern or not. I decided to go from horizontal pictures, to vertical, back to horizontal, and so on. My rope was measured to fit about 8 pictures. Lay the pictures out, exactly how you want them to look. This step is not necessary, but it sure it helpful envisioning what the clothesline will look like before you put everything up!img_1719
  4. Next step– hanging the pictures! For the horizontal photos I used 2 clothespins, and for the vertical photos I only used 1. Hang them & adjust them to your liking! Repeat this step for all levels of the rope.
  5. This next step is also not necessary, but it creates the clothesline to be a lot sturdier. Take little pieces of fun-tac and place on the back of the photos for extra support. I wouldn’t use the fun-tac until you have the photo’s exactly how you want them, just because it would be a pain to keep having to unsticking the photo’s every time you wanted to change something! Also, so the rope doesn’t hang too much ,place a few thumbtacks beneath the rope to help support some of the weight. Not necessary- but definitely helpful! img_1720

Quick, easy & simple!

Here’s the finished look:

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the finished look with all the updated pictures!

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my last photo clothesline, before I updated it!

….and that’s all for the d.i.y. clothesline! I hope this helped some of you!


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