A few months back I started blogging. Some of you may recognize the blog name- 18andforward. At first I dedicated this blog to mainly beauty- which I have a big passion for. I was so about it when I first started. I spent so many hours trying to get my blog exactly how I wanted it– and I did.

After I finished my first and only semester at college, I began working a whole ton between all 3 of my jobs. Rewind a few days before this. Between school and work, I felt like I had no time to write, especially about makeup or hair and beauty, since a lot of it requires tutorials, and truthfully I barely even had time to put on mascara in the morning! I thought about other things I can talk about which is why I’m here right now– Sure I still expect myself to talk about my passion, but why not talk about everything else that goes through my head too!?

Recently I became very unsatisfied with how my blog, (well old blog, now) looked, and what kind of vibe it gave off, which is why I wanted to start over on a clean, new page. I’m not going to delete my old blog because I am proud of it and all the effort I had put into it, in fact I’ll even link it here if you want to check it out!

So here I am- as usual- just babbling. Long story short- this is my new, clean, and updated blog that I’ll be posting on quite frequently, sharing stories, advice, and my thoughts!


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